Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer can be described as a lump or mass that start to develop when the rate of cell growth become faster than the rate the cells are dying. If it is at the early stage it can be located in one spot as a lump or mass and can be felt or noticed through self examination of the breasts.

When you observe something odd on your breast consult your doctor immediately for an easier and more successful treatment; this is because if you neglect this growth it can easily spread through the blood system to other parts of the body such as liver, lungs, bone etc.

Breast cancer can be deadly and the ability to know its signs is very important for any woman that seek to avoid or prevent this painful disease. The good thing about it is if detected at early stage it is curable. Therefore, breast cancer prevention is the proactive measure against having breast cancer; this is the ability to become familiar with your normal breast tissue and shape so that when there is a deviation from it you can quickly raise alarm.

Self Breast Examination
The best way to achieve
breast cancer prevention  is through self breast examination. Breast examination can be done in two major ways which are:

i. Looking through a mirror (Mirror Examination
ii. Feeling the breast with hands (Feeling Examination)
Stated below are steps to take for each self breast examination process:

A. Looking Through a mirror
1. Standing with both hands by you side;
2. Hold both hands above your head; and
3. Put both hands on your hips (Akimbo) and tighten your chest muscles with your hands still on your hips.

B. Feeling your breast with your hands
(1) Feel your breast for unusual lump, thickenings or nipple discharge by using your 3 middle fingers of your hand to examine the opposite breast.First press lightly, then increase the pressure, then squeeze the nipple lightly to check for any discharge.

(2) In another way you can also examine your breast lying down
(i.) Place a pillow or folded towel under your shoulder;
(ii) Put your right hand on your head then examine your breast gently with the other hand.

(3) Breast examination can also be better done under shower.

With these few information about breast cancer you can proactively prevent this deadly disease.
Start examining your breast today!
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