Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weight Loss| Fattening Foods to Avoid

Weight gain has been seen as one of the most common threat to human healthy living and a lot of efforts are needed to loose the gained weight. Almost over-sized people gather such weight as a result of bad eating habits.
Highlighted below are foods to avoid, and the healthier options you can choose instead:

1.    High-Fat Meats on the Barbeque: Instead of cheeseburgers and pork or beef ribs, stick to lean cuts such as pork tenderloin, skinless chicken breast, and lean ground beef;

2.    Ball Game Delights: You might think it's the calories that make these options - hot dogs, sausages, and bratwursts - better left untouched, but it's the sodium. With oftentimes well over 1000 grams of sodium, choose to enjoy the ball game with something more nutritious;

3.    Mayonnaise-based Salads: Your potato/pasta salads and coleslaw can be just as good with light mayonnaise or "German-style" with more vinegar than oil. Substituting healthier ingredients will let you enjoy these options, guilt-free;

4.    Skip the Umbrella Drinks: Sipping on a frozen concoction can pile on the calories. Instead, try a fruit juice and seltzer based mixed drink, wine, or a wine spritzer as a healthier option;

5.    Skip the Sweetened Drinks: Sweet tea, soda, and energy drinks might seem like great thirst quenching options, but they are laden with calories that add up in a hurry. Choose water instead, or, if you must, choose light options;

6.    Frozen Treats: We all know that huge fudge sundaes are a no-no (as tasty as they may be), but to eat well you don't need to give up all frozen treats. Instead, snack on sherbets, fudge bars, and fruit bars to quench your cravings and cool off from the  sun;

7.    Fair Food: Generally "eat-while-you-walk" foods aren't good for you. If you want to partake, choose cotton candy or a caramel apple and be sure to SHARE;

8.    Salad Toppers: Not just a problem, but a nutritional salad can be turned fattening by adding dressings and high-calorie toppings. Choose light dressings and veggies as your salad toppers;

9.    Mindless Munching: Eat in moderation - a handful won't hurt, but make sure you stop there! Even better: much on veggies and dip or fat-free popcorn; and

10.  Fried Chicken: If it's deep friend, it's just not good for you. Choose a boneless, skinless chicken breast, add some seasoning, and I bet you'll forget all about the bucket of chicken you were thinking about buying.

Article culled from and is authored by Kelli Arruzzo.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Best Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Just by following simple healthy weight loss tips you can lose weight and keep it off. You can lose weight without starving yourself or without doing anything else extreme. Start off by implementing these ten healthy weight loss tips into your daily routine and watch the pounds drop off. 

Break Bad Habits
Replace foods such as white bread with whole wheat bread and canned veggies with fresh or frozen veggies. Buy foods that have lower amounts of sugar in them. Don't eat or snack while watching TV because there is a tendency to eat more than needed. Think of other bad habits that you can break.

Take a Multi-Vitamin
Taking a multi-vitamin is very important because it helps you to get the proper nutrients. When your body is lacking nutrients you will feel tired and lack energy. This also leads to sickness.

Do Not Eat Past 7 PM
This gives your body a chance to process food and burn fat. When you sleep your metabolism slows down so if you go to sleep after you eat your body will not burn off as many calories.

Get a Weight Loss Buddy
A weight loss buddy will keep you motivated to continue your weight loss plan even when times get tough. There are even online communities that you can tap into that will help you stay on track.

Exercise Self Control and Discipline
The most important weight loss tip is to have the right attitude towards losing weight. Losing weight does not happen overnight and it does not happen without effort. Make a commitment today to stick to your plan.

Eat Small Meals
It's really important to not allow yourself to get hungry. If you wait to eat when you are really hungry, you will end up over eating. The solution or *secret* is to eat healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fiber through out the day.

Don't Skip Meals
This is similar to the first weight loss tip. If you are busy make sure to have on the go food like protein bars or low calorie snacks. You can through your body off track if you skip meals. Make sure to do everything in your power to prepare so that you do not go too much longer than three hours between meals.

Get Active
The absolute best way to lose weight quickly is to get active. Try hard to fit in a cardio workout three to five times a week. If you do not have time to go to the gym, then put on a workout DVD, Fit TV, or make up your own routine. The point is to get your heart rate up for 15-20 minutes. This boost in your heart rate will help you burn more calories. You'll notice that you will lose weight quicker too.

Cut Out Sugar
Sugar is necessary for a healthy body; however, most people get way too much sugar. The sugars that should be consumed are in nutrient rich whole grains, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Table sugar and the sugar that is in candy and chocolates are the types of sugar that do not provide any nutrients and should be a limited part of your diet.

Drink Lots Of Water
The main component of our body is water. Our bodies need water to function properly. If you are trying to lose weight it is a good idea to replace sodas and juices with water. In one bottle of juice you can easily consume 200-300 calories and 16-20 grams of sugar. Water is your best bet because it has zero calories, no sugar, and is readily available (free even).

If you follow these weight loss tips you will notice that it becomes easier and easier to lose weight and keep it off!

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