Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get Your Health On A New High

Overall fitness is a highly discussed issue that many talk about but few are willing to hit at the bull’s eye The factors that influence the general health of a person include age or DNA; however you can improve your well-being by upholding an improved lifestyle that involves retaining a proper weight, sidestepping booze with tobacco, eating well and consistent exercise.

By simply doing the right things, you can considerably lessen your chances of contracting cancer, heart illnesses and other chronic conditions. The most vital constituents of healthy living include: nourishing meals, exercise, and a pleasant social life, optimistic attitude towards daily living, sufficient rest and strong relationship ties. Below are some essential tips to better health.

i. Eat Fiber rich meals
One of the major constituents of a good diet is a fiber rich food. So the first step is to remove all the harmful carbohydrates from your diet and swap them with the good ones. You must also incorporate an array of fruits plus vegetables at all meal times with whole grains as well as other foods with high fiber content. Highly Glycemic foods like snickers bar among others should equally be done away with.

ii. Drink lots of Water
For those used to consuming different kinds of drinks, they are advised to start taking water instead. Water aids digestion, detoxifies the system and absorbs nutrients while other nutritional values of other drinks are at best minimal. Eight glasses daily is enough to keep you going and healthy.

iii. Engage in adequate physical activities. 
An inactive body magnetizes diseases while diseases aren't comfortable in a dynamic bodies. To make your body active you can work out with weights and jog or run as these do not subject the body to undue stress and they are very good to the body as running increases the heart beats as you burn calories.

iv.  Sustain your Ideal Weight. 
A perfect weight is also vital, but it you mustn’t go on a regime to maintain one as most fads does the body more harm than good hence they aren't totally advisable. A healthy diet with an active lifestyle is enough to keep your weight in check.

v. Be Optimistic and Positive all the Time
Nothing kills morale faster than pessimism and you can’t have improved health if your moods are always low. Optimism is only force that can compel you to keep changing and improving on yourself and only to maintain a healthy lifestyle is via self discipline. As you will have no one to blame for your attitude so think and act rightly. All your efforts will yield good fruits if you avoid drinking, smoking and others habits that will counter your efforts at attaining improved health.These best practices to a better health for every one irrespective of their age or gene will improve the outcomes for any who dare to go the whole hog!


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