Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Best Oil for your Cooking

Knowing fully well that cooking as paramount to human existence cannot be overemphasized because quite every human beings knows the importance of food especially to the body system. 

Based on the knowledge we have about he various class of foods and how they functioned, fat & Oil also formed one of these classes which will help our focus on oil best for cooking. Therefore we shall discuss the following oils and how they remain best for our cooking:

1. CANOLA Oil: Nutritionists often asked people to stay away from canola oil if possible. This is due to Vitamin E content resulting to heart disease as well as rancid measure in context. It is therefore advisable for you to use canola for baking sauteing;

2. GRAPE SEED Oil: It is quite good for various cooking purpose. This is because it reduces cholesterol and is good for cooking, sauteing and frying;

3. PEANUT Oil: This is not well recommended becuase of the content of mono unsaturated fatty acids but it is good for frying in a little content. It is also Vitamin E rich oil that adds flavours to food especially in meat and chicken. It is recommended that you keep it in fridge.

4. SOYA BEAN Oil: It is good in margarine, salad dressings and it is good for hastening food digestion.

5. WALNUT Oil: Research revealed that this oil can reduce risk of coronary heart disease. It is good for salad finish or finish off a fish dish.

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