Monday, January 31, 2011

Prevention of cancer now

Most people feel that cancer is purely genetic, and this allows a person to consider it cannot be avoided, well that is not entirely true. Scientists and Researchers with Cancer Society, feel that Healthy behaviors could possibly prevent half of the cancer deaths that are prevalent in today's society. Highlighted below are some guides that will assist you in prevention of cancer:  

1. Don't smoke
If you do smoke or use other types of tobacco products, try to quit, speak with your Doctor for any aid that will help you, there are many programmes now, just remember there has to be ONE that will finally work for you.

With both men and women, screening is extremely important for the most prevalent types of cancers including screening for colon, breast, prostate, cervix, skin and lung cancer. It is a known fact that finding cancer early will greatly increase your chance for a cure and reduce your risk from dying from any cancer diseases.

2.  Reduce your Alcohol intake
Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum of no more than 2 drinks per day for men and one for women. This is another means of preventing cancer.

High fat is another problem because it is associated with obesity. Team this up with estrogen in women and research tells us that obese women produce more estrogen, which can fuel the development of cancers, especially breast cancer in women. Eating healthier Fruits and Vegetables is highly recommended.

4. Watch your Daily use of Cosmetics
Be knowledgeable about what your daily use of personal products contain, some chemical components have been deemed by Governments and Researchers to have carcinogenic infusions of chemicals that can mutate cells, and can cause an abundance of estrogen, which feeds certain cancers, especially in women’s bodies.

5.  Protect your Skin
Always protect your skin when outdoors, use safe sunscreen. Sun Hats should be worn with wide brims and of course sunglasses that protect against dangerous sun rays.

6.  Exercise your Body Regularly
Be a physically active person, not necessarily an athlete to get the benefits of exercise. They can be straight forward brisk walking, biking, dancing, swimming, aerobics or any type of exercise that raises your heart rate, with some sweating would be most beneficial.

7.  Maintain an Appropriate Body Mass Index
Do your best to keep your weight to a normal range for your height, and keep your body mass to 25 or less. You can go on line to calculate the BMI rates. If possible try to stay 5 to 10 lbs of what you weighed at 20 years of age. Get medical help if necessary to accomplish this.

8. Listen to your Body 
This comes more easily when you start to age, you seem to know when something isn't going right, then make the all important appointment with your Doctor, this is the best way to get all of the screening you may need to save your life.
Be knowledgeable, read and understand what you are reading, discuss any areas of concern with a Medical Professional, this is mandatory to ensure that YOU are taking all the correct steps to ensure you stay Healthy and Wise.

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