Saturday, January 1, 2011

Useful Tips on Mobile Phone

The brand of phone does not matter, but how it is being used is the most important, when talking about the control of the amount of radiation one is exposed to. This article will highlight some simple tips that can considerably reduce radiation and health risks exposed to.

1. Use Of Hard Free Set
The further away from your body the phone is, the less radiation you are exposed to. Using a hands-free set is the easiest way to radically reduced the amount of radiation you are exposed to if you use a mobile phone.

2. Hold Your Phone At The Bottom
Covering a large areas of the phone with your hand will reduce its ability to send and receive signals. Thereby the phone increases its power in order to transmit stronger radiation to compensate for this poor handling. For your phone to operate at low power hold it as far down as possible.

3. Get In The Best Position
Locate a position where you can receive good signal because the good the signal the lower the phone power and radiation. If reception is poor, the phone uses maximum power and radiation.

4. Use A Regular Phone If Possible
If you have a regular phone, them make calls with it. This is because the amount of radiation is directly proportional to the length of time you talk on the mobile phone.

5. Don’t Talk Too Long
In case you want to make a long call it is safer and cheaper suing a regular phone. This is because the radiation you are exposed to is directly related to time spent on mobile phone.

6. Hazardous Areas To Use Mobile Phone
a. Don’t use a mobile phone when driving, it is rather safe to stop and talk in a safe place;
b. Mobile phone should not be used where there is a lot of electrical equipment, such as hospitals and aircraft;
c. Do not bath with your mobile phone; and
d. Do not let small children talk on your mobile phone for long periods. They are more susceptible than adults.

7. Mobile Phone Ethics
i. Show consideration to those around you when you have phone with you;
ii. Your colleagues may not be as keen on your phone as you are; and
iii. Turn off your phone when you are in a public place such as movie theaters, cafe even at public gatherings.

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